Wally’s design shoots for comfort,
space and cool.

(Courtesy of Ocean Magazine)

Wally has never been known for producing boring boats. A real sense of character radiates throughout their range, whether it be sail or motor powered. The newest member of the Wally clan is Kanga, a 26 metre motor yacht built with the pioneering spirit and modern design sensibility that differentiates Wally boats from others.

Wally President and Founder Luca Bassani called it a “new route in yacht design.” It is, visually, a strikingly original design, large and white, like a fresh slice of pavlova cutting through the water. Kanga does have a gentle feel about her, from the rounded cut of the hull to the lack of tawdry accessories. This Wally is built for comfort, and she’s proud of it.

The design brief seems to have been to provide more volumes, more comfort, and more stability – and to do this while reducing fuel consumption, noise and vibration. Hence, this boat is aimed at lovers of long cruises and those who plan to spend much of their life at sea in the protection of a quiet bay.

It is refreshing to come across a design that is so sure of itself and understands its strengths, even if that means being upfront about resultant weaknesses. In this case, Wally accept that this boat isn’t going to be fast – it may even be cumbersome at times – but for those wishing to kick back and relax, she’ll be ideal.

Kanga is big on space. Open-air social areas are maximised, the hull is 10-15 percent wider than others in the class, and she has a big interior volume. At 282 square metres, the floor space is over 30 percent bigger than the nearest competitor of similar length.

In the engine room, Wally again has its focus on comfort and stability. The propulsion system is characterised by engines that run at low RPM, meaning low vibration, low noise, low consumption, little maintenance, and a longlife. When combined with the gyroscopic stabilisation system, the hull is built to provide a smooth and stable ride.

Kanga is part of the WallyAce line of motor boats. She is currently undergoing extensive sea-trials before delivery to her owners. Wally has two more WallyAce 26 metres under construction, to be launched at the end of 2012 and in spring 2013.