“Ray White is a household name in Australasia, a name synonymous with the property and real estate industry, and now Marine.

Established in 1902, in the small Queensland country town of Crows Nest, Ray White has evolved into Australasia’s most successful real estate business, with around 1,200 individual offices across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, China, the Middle East and Atlanta USA.

Ray White today is still a family owned business and in its fourth generation, with over 110 years of experience across thousands of agents now spanning residential, commercial and rural property as well as hotels, marine, property management and property funds investment achieving annual sales over $44 billion.”


Andrew Bell and his brother Greg own and operate the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group. This year they are celebrating their 25th year in operation and are the largest real estate company in Queensland with 246 staff operating through a wide range of real estate activities from all forms of residential, prestige homes, project marketing, commercial, industrial, hotels and now newly formed Ray White Marine. They are Ray White’s No.1 Residential & No.1 Commercial sales office international. Andrew has over 40 years experience in the real estate industry first operating a three-office group in Sydney and now the largest independently owned real estate group in Queensland. Andrew is regarded as one of Australia’s most experienced and professional auctioneers. With his vast experience Andrew is called upon to speak at many conferences and business groups and having been through five real estate cycles has very clear understanding of the various stages of the real estate cycle.