SEABOB Australia is a new company in Cairns and operating on Fitzroy Island and Hayman Island. In the next 2 months, we are going to open our Seabob Jet tours to 2 new locations on the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns.

The SEABOB is a portable electric underwater jet, with zero emissions and an almost silent operation mode. This design makes it highly suitable for operation on the Great Barrier Reef, as it is highly environmentally friendly. The machine is manoeuvred using simple body movements and will be programmed within strict speed and depth parameters pre-set.

There is nothing quite like the SEABOB, which offers a unique opportunity to explore the reef, without the need for certification and less stringent health requirements. As the SEABOB is completely controlled by its pilot both above and below the water by simple body movements, there is no requirement for great agility or confidence in the water and no requirement for a high level of physical fitness, thus making the SEABOB very accessible and appealing to a wide range of guests.

Seabob Jet Australia secured the Australian distribution rights for the German manufactured high performance SEABOB Jet underwater jet and makes us as only provider of SEABOB Jet tours in Australia. We create standard procedures as there is no activity similar to SEABOB to maximise customers experience and provide safety standards.

We currently have two different types of SEABOB tours, 30 or 60 minutes on Fitzroy Island and 40 or 60 on Hayman Island.
During both tours customers are not alone, there are groups of 5-6 plus instructor, that provides to give them the best time they will ever have in these amazing crystal clear waters.
We provide them with full equipment, this means snorkel, mask, wet suit and fins are included.
They will be able to see amazing corals, turtles and a great variety of fish, thus making the tour an unforgettable experience, that they will keep in memory for life.

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